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THE FIFTH LEVEL Business Process Optimization

THE FIFTH LEVEL is GlobalReact’s proven process and approach for helping organizations attain the highest level of achievement in the Business Portfolio.  Level Five achievement means the company has successfully reached targeted Financial and Operational performance goals driven by the organization’s Vision and Business Strategy.

GlobalReact’s THE FIFTH LEVEL provides the pathway for your organization to progress through five levels of achievement to fulfill the realization of accomplishing a balanced optimization.

What is…

Why GlobalReact?

GlobalReact helps organizations transform themselves to take advantage of a metrics driven approach to business improvement and process optimization.  GlobalReact’s “FIFTH LEVEL” focuses on best practice methods for increasing operation efficiencies that have an impact on improving business results and sustainability.

Taking advantage of our Firm’s methodology and problem-solving tools, plus senior industry professionals.   GlobalReact will accelerate your effort in accomplishing the analytics needed to identify the value added improvement opportunities for your organization.

Our first step includes:

         performance management cycle.

Who we are …

GlobalReact has been providing our clients with profit-oriented professional services and systems for twenty-five (25) years.  The scope of our services and systems offering  is geared toward utilized the latest proven world class technologies to optimize business processes and operations.  Our senior management consultants are business leaders with reputable backgrounds and deep knowledge who have worked in many industries.  Our team brings the best practice experience and time-honored understanding of business services, product development, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, finance and information systems.

Our offering includes:

Professional Services                        Business Applications

C.E.O. and C.I.O Advisory                Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Strategy Consulting                          Accounting and Costing

Business Optimization                      Product Lifecycle Mgmt.

Project/Change Mgmt.                     Distribution and Warehouse Mgmt.

System Review and Selection         Production Scheduling and Planning

Business Intelligence Reporting     Real-Time Production Monitoring

Business Continuity Planning          Business Intelligence Applications

Best Practices Optimizations          Retail Management Systems

Supply Chain Mgmt. Consulting      Database Mgmt. & Conversion Tools

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Answer These Questions to Assess Your Level of Optimization Achievement

Do you have a corporate continuous process improvement  program in place?

Have you identified the gaps between business strategy and operation execution?

Have you determined the business processes that can impact the bottom line results?

Have you successfully targeted financial and operational performance goals?

Are improvements driven by Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?

Is actual performance aligned with business strategy?

Is business progress traced back to business objectives?

Is employee performance linked to business performance?

Is there a communication process on business performance in place

Our program provides guidance to access the levels of proficiency.

Our industry consultants provide best practice methods for increasing overall efficiencies.

We provide the metrics to develop critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

We assist your team in providing effective use of information system tools and processes.

We help implement continuous training and coaching for knowledge transfer to your employees.

We facilitate the development of a corporate-wide communications process.

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