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Strategy Consulting

GlobalReact provides corporate solutions that help companies create and implement strategies to respond effectively to the unprecedented pressures of a multipolar world and constantly evolving industry dynamics. GlobalReact's corporate strategy offerings include the following:


Enterprise Transformation Strategy - helps companies identify and enact fundamental changes to their business to remedy serious impediments to growth and market leadership.

Operating Model Strategy - provides strategic advantage in support of the corporate strategy by helping companies make the right choices about customers, value creation, products, services and channels.

Strategic Planning - brings together all the advantages that multinational companies have to leverage, while diagnosing industry changes and developing an executable, strategic road map to help companies stay on the leading edge.


Growth Strategy - brings together all of the potential organic and inorganic growth scenarios that help companies assess whether to buy, build or borrow.


Carve-Out Strategy/Divestiture— Divestiture framework encompasses all aspects of a divestiture transaction from conception through separation. As a result, GlobalReact is able to help divestiture clients execute their strategy faster, with less risk and with a clear focus on shareholder results.

Growth Strategy Planning—Accelerates performance by assessing industry, market and customer dynamics and identifying opportunities to capture value in new markets and geographies.

GlobalReact works with our clients to develop practical strategies that capitalize on the opportunities presented by today’s complex and uncertain global economy to deliver high performance.  We help executives carefully think through possibilities, assess and manage risk, and ultimately select the strategic direction with the strongest stakeholder value potential. GlobalReact then helps executives translate those insights into actionable plans at both the enterprise and business-unit level that result in strategies that are focused on sustainable growth rooted in analytical rigor and built with expansion in mind.