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SAP ByDesign Data Migration Service

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Master Files - Customers, Vendors, Products, Components, Bills of Materials, UPC Codes, Contact Files, Notes, Diagrams, Pictures, Custom Fields

Transaction Files - Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Production Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales History, Etc.


DB Luminous™ is a web-based metadata repository that provides Business, Technical and Compliance leaders a uniform approach to effective data dictionary management. It provides organizations with the capability to plan a perfect data integration, data quality, data governance and other data management challenges and ensuring security of Data, all from a single interface.


The key to successful ERP/CRM migration is data extraction.  DB Luminous possesses the tools and experience to extract all of your critical data and move it to SAP Business ByDesign.  

First, our data migration specialist replicate all of your Unique Data Elements (UDE’s) into a relational database along with all of your business records such as contacts, customers, invoices, estimates, sales orders, etc.  At the same time relationships between these records are preserved.  Since each record contains a complete snapshot of all of its data including all the custom fields, related sub-lists and all relationships, we will ensure none of your business data is missed.


DB Luminous is a web-based solution that analyzes the database schema as building blocks of functional data elements in addition to analyzing data relationships. DB Luminous  manages these elements as Unique Data Element™ (UDE). UDE simplifies the complex modeling and normalization techniques that typically create layers of complexity for non- technology Stakeholders. The Unique Data Element methodology gives immense flexibility for Functional, Technical and Compliance Users to defuse all of the inherent complicated database data definition relationships.

Using UDE we strategically created multiple options to utilize building blocks of data to understand the functional operation of Enterprise applications, identify gaps in meeting Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) requirements and show anomalies in data element construction. The UDE methodology can be used to identify the proper dimensionality for dimensional modeling. Since we have consolidated the relational construct, it is easy to identify the dimensions required to analyze the relevant data.

Tactically, DB Luminous provides numerous ways to manage single or multiple database instances. Some of the options include Metadata change tracking, Impact analysis, Mismatch analysis, Redundancy analysis, Schema audit and Schema compare.

DB Luminous uses auto-alerts to provide active monitoring and proactive database management, resulting in better database control. With built-in access control, DB Luminous securely.

Supports separation of duty for different user groups. DB Luminous tracks and records every change that affects data elements.

Companies managing data governance, risk and compliance requirements, supporting multiple life cycles of ERP, BI, Data Warehouse, CRM, Portal and Social Media needs across different Database environments with separate Change Management systems may discover significant value in using DB Luminous to create a Corporate Data Dictionary repository.

Our World Class Data Management Solution: