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SAP Business All-in-One Solutions

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SAP Business All-in-One solutions offer the following integrated functionalities:

•  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Effectively manage all aspects of your operations.      The software includes comprehensive functionality for accounting and financials, sales      and service, procurement and logistics, inventory management, human capital      management, product development and manufacturing, corporate services and      reporting and analytics.

•  Customer relationship management (CRM) – Effectively manage all aspects of your      customer relationships, from generating leads to closing a deal, including follow-up      support and add-on sales.  SAP Business All-in-One includes comprehensive

     functionality for marketing, sales, service, contact center, and reporting.

 •  Business intelligence – Gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial      and operational reporting and analysis.  SAP Business All-in-One offers best-practice      reports, analytics, and tools to help satisfy the rigorous reporting requirements

     for financial accounting, logistics, customer relationship management, and more – all      preconfigured by business role and business scenario.

 •  Best practices – Benefit from the SAP Best Practices family of packages, which provides      proven methods and tools for organizations to implement best business practices in      key functional areas and in a range of industries.  With industry-specific configuration,      SAP Best Practices is based on 35 years of experience in more than 25  industries      worldwide.  The result is rapid yet reliable solution deployment, which translates into      less time, lower costs, and reduced project risk.

•  SAP NetWeaver® technology platform – Because SAP Business All-in-One is powered      by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, you can quickly and cost-effectively add on      to your existing solution as your business grows and your needs change.

GlobalReact, through our partnership with Idhasoft offers the SAP® Business All-in-One solution to help you improve financial management, maintain operational excellence, and enhance competitive agility, enabling you to manage well in times of economic uncertainty and lay a solid foundation for growth.  This comprehensive and flexible business management software with built-in support for business best practices is designed specifically for midsize companies looking for an integrated, industry-specific solution to support processes across the entire organization.