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Performance Engineering

GlobalReact provides Performance Engineering service that allows companies to meet users’ performance expectations and improve the overall user experience by engineering performance planning, testing, real-time performance monitoring services, as well as remediation of performance issues and service level agreements in IT solutions.

Performance Diagnostics Services focus on assessing and improving the performance of applications and environments, as well as evaluating and isolating performance problems in the underlying architecture, database and network.

Improve overall system performance and increase end user satisfaction by analyzing the environment to discover performance bottlenecks and providing steps to alleviate them, and identifying quality and performance improvement areas before problems surface.  Avoid lost revenue by quickly isolating and troubleshooting production bottlenecks and by providing solutions that reduce them.

Identify and recommend solutions to resolve core problems by assessing the end-to-end performance across the application, architecture and infrastructure components to isolate issues, and by conducting detailed assessments at various layers to determine root causes.

Avoid firefight scenarios by identifying performance problems before they surface, estimating the return on investment to improve potential problems and helping implement needed changes.


Performance Testing Services help evaluate and define performance across the system development life cycle—from early capacity and performance modeling of applications and systems, through performance testing of the applications and into production performance monitoring.  Early performance testing can help reduce the cost of resolution by moving the performance evaluation early in the life cycle to expose potential scalability and performance problems at the beginning of the development life cycle.


Manage infrastructure costs by providing the ability to size and manage capacity properly.

Reduce risk of missing scheduled deployment dates by minimizing performance testing bottlenecks, developing acceptance criteria for go/no-go decisions and avoiding surprises.

Improve customer satisfaction by proactively managing production performance to avoid unexpected downtime.

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