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GlobalReact provides professional consulting services and world class technology solutions to sustain the requirements of intercontinental business activities.  As markets expand around the globe, companies face the challenges of improving cooperation and communication.

We meet these challenges by providing industry leading End-to-End Business Solutions, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management and Logistics Solutions.  Our clients are some of the most distinguished companies around the world.

At GlobalReact, our industry consultants provide the highest level of technology consulting.  We have completed over 250 successful system implementations resulting in millions of dollars of return on investment for our customers.

Our company has accepted the challenge of bringing "Best of Breed" applications found around the world into one circular, integrated information system suite of products.  We provide the latest in information systems technology to aid your company in this new, bold world where global labor and material management are a necessity.

We have developed our strategy from a perspective that makes mobile, high-speed, real-time data collection a priority and uses "integrated event management" as the tool to actively advise and control the processes that are critical to your business success.  Our consultants and outsource partners are committed to providing excellent, cutting edge solutions and services.

At GlobalReact, we believe that we are crossing into the next frontier of information technology. Our commitment is to aid our client’s growth and profitability with the technological edge to advance globally.

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