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Marketing Honeycomb Assessments

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Expected Assessment Results:

Identification of sales and marketing reporting weaknesses and threats.

Preliminary strategic recommendations for Multi-Channel marketing data management.

Recommendations of a multisource data management reporting environment.

Application recommendations for real-time sales & marketing dash board

Development of sales & marketing key performance metrics.

Potential Assessment Benefits:

Increased customer visibility.

Reduced employee costs for data collection and management.

Increased sales and marketing efficiencies.

Better customer and product evaluation knowledge.

Increased customer collaboration.

More informed sales representatives and agents.

Multi-Channel real-time reporting and analytics.

Assessment Professional Services include:

    Computer Systems Assessment:


Architecture and Security Review

All ERP Applications Integration   

E-Commerce Evaluation                

Data Integration Analysis              

Mobility Assessment                      

Reporting Systems Review            


    Sales & Marketing Assessment:

Multi-Channel Data Capture  

Customer Intelligence Review                

Campaign Management Evaluation              

Customer Connection Analysis                      

Your Clientelling Score Card   

Life Cycle Marketing Evaluation                


The Marketing Honeycomb Pipeline Assessment

We can help:

• Execute a data-driven approach to analyze current marketing and sales channels.

• Review the effectiveness of the sales reporting process by conducting a 360-degree review.   

• Develop sales analytics, including metrics for pipeline, forecasting and customer activity.

• Integrate change management strategies to accelerate business transformation.

• Develop and execute a mobility strategy.

Our recommendations promote:

• Reduced cost of sales and marketing operational and payroll cost.

• Increased efficiency of sales and marketing personnel.

• Better customer service and customer collaboration and visibility.

• Positive transformation of the sales and marketing organization.  


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