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Frequently Asked Question’s

What is the weight of the Screen?
65 pounds

What is the screen made of?
Steel and Aluminum. The inner portion is Polyester

Why can it reduce hospital acquired infections?
Apart from a psychological trigger because of its design, it can only be opened and closed using the metal handle. The material is not touched unlike a hospital curtain which has to be held in order to be pulled back. It’s easily cleaned with an Anti-bacterial wipe and steam cleaning is easy because of so few moving parts.

How easy is it to clean?
Very. The screen was designed specifically for ease of cleaning. The polyester film material is perfect for cleaning, as it is very smooth and non-porous and so is easy to wipe clean.

How does the Retractable mechanism of the screen hold up over time with usage?
The retractable mechanism is mostly in the tubes themselves ... and these are very robust (the same tubes are used by the US military for use as aerial antenna in the field and by NASA)

Does the product have a warranty?
Yes, one (1) year manufacturer's warranty.

Can anything be printed on the screen?
Yes, anything as long as we are provided with a Vector file. The screen has been used to enhance patient experience, provide privacy for Mother and Baby whilst at the same time with the use of images producing a peaceful and nurturing experience. Can also be used for sponsorship and branding.

Can I write on the screen?
Yes, with the correct recommended wipe-off pens.

How easy is it to change a screen?
Very easy. Just unzip it from the structure and zip a new one in. One person can do it quickly. Get tired of an image? Order a new one and change it.