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KWICKSCREEN is the first real alternative to Hospital Curtains and Hospital Screens in over 100 years. The KWICKSCREEN has countless uses in healthcare, hospitality, and marketing; Its innovative design allows it to replace Room Dividers and Privacy Screens.

Doctors and Hospitals love the KWICKSCREEN because of its portability, its ability to be customized, and how easy it is to clean, thus enhancing the patient experience while also reducing the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections.

The KWICKSCREEN is also used for emergency and disaster preparedness and response, converting open spaces into temporary triage areas or organizing patients in a hospital's flu tent during flu season.

Offices, Trade Shows, Lobbies, etc.

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Healthcare Facilities, Doctors Offices, School Clinics, etc.

Kwickscreen Healthcare Functionality -Sept 2014.pdf

Kwickscreen Healthcare Functionality Overview

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