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Consulting Chief Business Technology Officer

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The competitive requirements of the apparel and textile industries after the Great Recession have forced forward-looking companies to recognize technology’s role in driving value.  Russ works with apparel and textile companies, on a consulting basis,  to win, serve and retain customers.

With 25 years experience in classic IT issues, such as managing systems, applications, security and deploying technology, Russ also focuses on moving the companies products and services into the digital era in a profitable way.

He works with company owners, board of directors and senior managers to thrive and survive and not focus on old-school processes but differentiate themselves to beat their competitors.


BS - Accounting, MBA - Business Administration - State University of New York

Senior Management Positions Held:

Accounting Management - Fortune 500 Companies (Dunlop Tire, Textron, HSBC Bank)

Chief Financial Officer - Manufacturing Company

Chief Executive Officer - Apparel Software Development and Sales Company

Chief Information Officer - Apparel and Textiles Companies (5)

Chief Technology Officer - Technology Systems and Consulting Company

Russ Pierce - Consulting Chief Business Technology Officer (CBTO) Apparel and Textile Industries


Apparel, Textile and Footwear Subject Matter Expert

1.    Product Lifecycle Management – PLM/PDM

2.    Financial Statements, Accounting and Costing

3.    Human Relations Management

4.    Manufacturing – Cotton to the Garment

A.  Yarn Manufacturing

B.  Knitting and Weaving

C.  Dyeing and Finishing

D.  Cutting and Sewing

E.  Embellishment

F.  Production Monitoring and Piecework Payroll

5.     Offshore Production and Logistics

6.     Customer Relations Management

7.     Supply Chain Management

8.     Apparel Project Management

9.     Retail Store Systems

10.   B2B and B2C Systems and Integration

11.   EDI

12.   Business Intelligence Reporting

Apparel and Footwear Vendor Product Knowledge and Experience

   (Implemented Software and Managed Client Projects)

1.    SAP-AFS

2.    CGS/Blue Cherry Apparel System

3.    GCS-A2000 Apparel System

4.    Infor for Apparel

5.    Centennial International Apparel System

6.    Porini Apparel Software

7.    EDGE Apparel Information System

8.    ASAP Apparel Software

9.    Apparel Business Systems

10. New Generation Apparel System

11. FastReact Apparel Production System

12. Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System

13. Lectra PLM, CAD

14. SoftShoe PLM

15. Gerber PLM, CAD

16. Board BI Software

17. SharePoint

18. Demand Management Inc./Demand Solutions

Customer Engagements:


AcuSport Corporation

Alpha Enterprises, Inc.

Anvil Knitwear

Authentic Fitness

Badger Sportswear

Bergen Brunswig

Brooks Brothers

Cameo Knitting

Caracol Knits


Cone Mills


Donnkenney Apparel

Delta Apparel

Ecko Unlimited

Ellett Brothers

Foot Locker

Fruit of the Loom

G & K Services

Gildan Activewear


Hirsch International

Hugo Boss U.S.

Kellwood Company

Jockey International

Lanier Clothes

Li & Fung

Louis Vuitton (LVMH)

LSP Products

Mizuno of America

Nautica Enterprise

Nautica Retail USA

NCH Corporation


Mar Mac Mfg.

Oxford Industries

Parkdale Mills

Perfect Industrial Products

Precision Fabrics

Professional Medical


Rocket Dog Brands

Royce Hosiery

Russell Athletics

Stagg Industries, Inc.

Steve Madden

Standard Mfg.

Sunrise Apparel

Susan Bristol

Tarrant Apparel Group

Team Edition

Thomas & Betts

Top Line Corp.

Tree of Life

Under Armour

VF Workwear


Provides Your Company With These Expected End Results From Your Engagement:

$ - Profit-Driven Technology Strategy and Operations.

$ - Highly Competitive Apparel Business Operations.

$ - Lower Cost of Doing Business.

$ - Increased Digital Marketing Effectiveness.

$ - Real-Time Response to Critical Decision-Making Information.

$ - Apparel Business Process Change Management Recommendations.

$ - Immediate 300% - 1000% ROI and Payback of the Engagement Investment.

$ - Plus Continued Annual Returns for Years to Come.