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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning

The Business Impact Analysis includes the following:

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are processes that help organizations prepare for disruptive events, whether those events might include a fire, a hurricane, a tornado or simply a power outage caused by a backhoe in the parking lot.  GlobalReact’s involvement in the process can range from overseeing the plan, to providing input and support, to putting the plan into action during an emergency.

Given the human tendency to look on the bright side, many business executives are prone to ignore "disaster recovery" because disaster seems an unlikely event.  "Business continuity planning" suggests a more comprehensive approach to making sure you can keep making money, not only after a natural calamity but, also, in the event of smaller disruptions including illness or departure of key staffers, supply chain partner problems or other challenges that businesses face from time to time.

All business continuity and disaster recovery plans need to encompass how employees will communicate, where they will go and how will they keep doing their jobs.  The details can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of a company and the way it does business. For some businesses, issues such as supply chain logistics are most crucial and are the focus of the plan.

A good first step is a business impact analysis (BIA).  GlobalReact will identify the business's most crucial systems and processes and the effect an outage would have on the business. The greater the potential impact the more money a company should spend to restore a system or process quickly.  


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