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A2000 End-to-End ERP Applications

The A2000 ERP package expertly handles all of your organization's transactional requirements. A2000 provides separate, yet totally integrated modules for:



  •Forecasting and Inventory


  •Order Processing  

  •Allocation and Sales




  •Report Writer and System Administration

  •Business specific customized modules for Catalog, Telemarketing, and  the Web.

Developed entirely with the Oracle® relational database and tools, A2000 ensures the client's investment is protected not only financially but, also, operationally through the stability of a leading product developed through the latest technology.

Using Oracle® RDBMS with Graphical user interfaces, A2000 run capabilities expand across several platforms and operating systems.  No database administrator is needed to maintain the system.  The methodology used in A2000 provides for a truly Scalable Open System designed extensively to accommodate business growth and changing requirements.

Starting with a single Pentium® server on a local area network running Windows Server, a company can easily scale up to large multiprocessor computers supporting several hundred users on Windows or UNIX.  Because no two clients are alike and business methods differ among organizations, A2000's broad range of options and flexibility provide a continual formula for successful implementations.

A2000's commitment to quality revolves around the perception that programs and procedures that work well in one situation may fall short in another.  Based on this perception, a set of solution-specific guidelines are established, outlined, and tailored to each client implementation. These guidelines are addressed and enhanced throughout the client relationship to support and assist in the client's present and future operational success.

As a trusted name in the software industry, A2000 consistently maintains high standards in all areas of "vendor concern" (software, hardware, cost, ease of use, future growth, requirement shifts, training, support, documentation, etc.).  As a data management system, A2000 employs sophisticated, yet easy to use programs, facilitating the end user's proficiency when defining, entering, and manipulating data.

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